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Sonia Hernandez, better known as Shega, is a Spanish female DJ with a recognized career in the electronic music world.
Finalist of the competition by EMI Music and 40 Principales "She Can DJ" in 2012, measured her skills to the CDJ with more than 200 participants being among the 10 finalists.

Nominated for best female DJ in the "Vicious Music Awards" (famous awards from Spain) in 2011, 2015 and 2016.
“Big Music Quiz“ for one of the main Spanish TV channels (tve1).

In addition to a great DJ, Shega is also exploring the world of music production, with some references on portals like iTunes or Beatport.
Her exquisite and original musical taste at the time of her sessions, allows Shega to immediately connect with the dance floor, motivating and creating a fun and exciting atmosphere.

Her musical style is broad, containing house sounds from the commercial to the most elegant.
Shega knows how to adapt to what people want in each club where she acts, and their sets are full of irresistibly contagious energy and dynamism and impeccable technique with the CDJs.

Technique, femininity, rhythm, good taste, sympathy and sensuality are some of the qualities with we can describe her.
Do not miss out on this jewel of the booths, because this rebel girl is unstoppable!

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